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Tuesday, 15 May 2018

MongoBaby - 60 Solitus Enforcer

Points of Interest: Froob, Implants up to 156, Level 100 Howlet, Can cast Brutal Thug self buffed.

Wanted to try a Howlet twink for the temple, and since it wasn't going to use Legchoppers, went with Solitus. Not sure it's the best setup ever, but fun and a bit different, and still quite effective. Social armor in the first two pictures. The robe is the real look.

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Rageballz- 100 Atrox Metaphysicist

Points of Interest: Froob, 100 Panther, Some QL200 imps. Can self cast most of the Infuses


Made to be a Foreman's twink, specifically built to team up with my lvl 100 Engie and Crat. The biggest nuisance with the Engie (Botmistress) doing Foreman's runs was that she needed to do whatever the task was within an hour before Mochams ran out, and she would lose control of the Slayerdroid. With this guy able to cast Infuses, he can keep the Engineer able to control a 185 Slayerdroid. She's due for an upgrade- might see if she can control the 200 Slayer with Infuses after she's done. Without needing Mochams every hour, these three can stay in Foremans indefinitely now, which is very handy if you need to kill the Director and/or TiM more than a couple times each.

This guy sacrificed a bit in the pet nanoskills department in order to cast the Infuses, but he can cast all except the SI/PM infuses. He can cast Vivificator and Superior Frenzy self buffed. Originally considered Howlet for this guy due to the implant conflict with 2he/bio met in the waist. However, 2hb conflicts with SI in the chest, so that's not much farther ahead. 2he maxes out a fair bit higher than 2hb, and even without 2he in the waist, the legchoppers make it easier to keep the Panther out of OE. I hotswap the tank armor for Neleb's cloak when I need to recast anything that requires the extra few nanoskills. Added a couple of Jobe Implants, some Rad damage add, add all def, and nano range increase. Last pictures is my two MPs together (Rageballz on the right) with almost the same setup. One for Foreman's, one for continued leveling.

Kungpoowie- 60 Atrox Martial Artist

Points of Interest: Froob, Built for evades, up to 840 Evade Close with 108 in Add All Def. Jobe imps. Can solo Aztur self buffed (including Uklesh and Khalum).

Video vs Aztur:

Never really been a Martial Artist guy but thought it would be a good challenge to be able to solo Aztur self buffed. First build ended up with about 755 Evade Close Combat skill. After being advised about some other evade items I hadn't thought of I went and re-twinked- and also
added some Add all Def. imps. This was one of my most tricky builds as far as the finalization process. Had to do it a few times to get the optimal order of taking off imps and putting equipment on. ie: need the gripper and the cushions in order to get the chest on, but had to make sure I had enough treatment to switch back to the final jobe imp and then equip the parry sticks- and then leave enough skills to equip the remaining armor- without the use of cushions or agility rifle... Anyway, after a couple failed attempts, I settled on how to spend his final IP- which was very tight. I upgraded to the next highest heal and Gumboils. This made enough difference that he can heal enough to keep up with Aztur. Gotta be on full def and it takes a long time, but works ok, provided Azzy doesn't get lucky with crits. Trick is using battle-prepped nano kits to keep nano pool up as often as possible. Planning to make a video when I can get around to it :).

Saturday, 3 October 2009

JudgementDay- 109 Atrox Metaphysicst

Points of Interest: 101 Panther, Legchoppers, Just a Froob MP I'm leveling up to cast Mochams if I ever stop paying for Anarchy :).


Twinked this guy out at lvl 106 to a decent leveling setup. Haven't blitzed all his nanos yet, but he's got mostly QL200 imps ready for the next 90 levels :).

BrainFreez- 100 Nanomage Bureaucrat

Points of Interest: Froob, Can self cast the lowest area calms. Foreman's twink. 200ish imps


Twinked at level 100. Designed to work with my lvl 100 MP (Rageballz) and Engineer (Botmistress) for Foreman's duties. Didn't expect to be able to self cast the area calms originally but ended up within a few points after the first twink session, so I went back and changed a couple things including a Collar of Amplification. Also- after testing out the first build, got annoyed with having to be so close to a mob to cast the calms. Considered swapping a memory chip for a nano-range increaser, but decided to toss a bunch of jobe nano-range clusters in the imps. Also added some add all def. clusters along with triple imping nano range.

BombShelll- 95 Solitus Soldier

Points of Interest: Froob Soldier leveling up so I don't have to FP my Agent to cast Riot Control, Offensive Steamroller :). Shown in that one shot with a team of six that I was leveling up simultaneously :).

Ransaxx- 100 Nanomage Trader

Points of Interest: None really- just a Froob Trader leveling up to do Tradeskills and Wrangles :)

Axmurderer- 115 Atrox Enforcer

Points of Interest: Froob, Twinked out for further leveling now. Twink job at level 106 included 105/102 Chirop, Black Clan Heavy Tank.

Twinked this guy at 106 before leveling up. Went much better than I expected and made me consider the possibilities of twinking at lvl 100 with a similar setup. leveling up to cast Essence- saving my Agent from FP all the time :).

XtrmPrejudic- 115 Nanomage Engineer

Points of Interest: Froob, Just an Engineer I'm leveling up to do Team Beacon Warp and cast Extreme Prejudice. Using Rifle for now. Got tired of all the implant conflicts with TS/MC/Pistol, so I rebelled and went with Rifle which has no imp conflicts. However, upon further reflection, this girl's whole point is to be able to cast EP, which puts Pistol back above Rifle in terms of raw AR (not to mention IP). IP-reset back to pistol incoming... Oh well, I'll rebel against pistol some other time..

Battlerod- 24 Atrox Doctor


Points of Interest: Froob, Implants up to QL117-118, Has the Rod at 100% effective self buffed.

This one was pretty nuts, I made him real quick one weekend for a possible Froob pvp tournament. I've always had a love/hate thing with the Battlerod. I try to avoid it since it's so obviously overpowered. On the other hand, it's a good weapon and if you want to be on a level playing field, you may want to consider it...I never expected to get this Rod to 100%. I ran some numbers based around 100ish imps and planned to do a real quick implant job and end up at 75%. So, I skipped some of the more tedious twinking tasks and blitzed this guy together in a couple days with real basic equipment. I got some of his imps up to 115 and was quite surprised to find that he was only 5 points away from keeping the rod out of OE after all was said and done. I threw on all my buffing armor and equipment like Rings of Essence, Miy's Tank armor etc.. and got him to within 2 points of being non-OE (281 2hb). Being so close I couldn't leave it like that. I didn't really want to leave buffing equipment on him so I went about making 5 more points of 2hb. I ran him into Foreman’s and got the Combat Medic's Tank armor, went and did the Nodda Greg quest and pushed the imps as high as I could. I squeezed out 2 more 2hb from the Right arm, and 1 from the left. Needing two more points to make up the difference, I planned to go out and find some slighlty higher Rhinoman gloves/chest, or use buffing equipment until Halloween when I could get some Lya’s sleeves. Then I realized that I could get a bunch of trickle-down by putting Stamina in the chest instead of Body Dev. That pushed him nicely over the top and he ended up with 282 2hb. He needs the basic ability boosts, 2hb expertise and Enlarge running to get it up there, but he works very nicely for killing Abmouth. He even has the Holy Book of the Immortal (which he can just barely cast) thanks to a kind Advy who killed Aztur that day we were in there collecting temple loot.

I might still go get Lya’s sleeves and switch the chest back to Body Dev, but I’ll have to see if the increased health is worth it.

MaxBlade- 9 Atrox Enforcer

Points of Interest: Froob, Crypt Collar, Imps up to QL90, Fear Forged Blades, Can use QL56 Blessed with Thunder and QL60 Flower of Life.

Once I realized you can use MA attacks with FFBs, I had to make one- this also means there are at least two other twinks I should go re-do with MA attacks in mind :). Wanted to see how low I could go with FFBs and MA attacks. Also a major pain to find, once I realized that you can't get them in missions "to find"- only as reward. ie: MA attacks are nodrop and you can't pull a mission with someone else and have him complete the mission or simply pick up the item. That meant lots of shop camping as he's no where near the right level to pull those missions himself. My lowest level to equip a Crypt Collar now on a Froob. One of my best low level twinks for powerleveling new guys. The second pic is my ultimate powerleveling team. FFB, Battlerod and Neutrino Flash twinks- level 9,10,10. Can get a new guy from lvl3 to lvl 15-17 in about 15 minutes- depending how busy the subway is :). After that- team with lvl 24s in the temple..

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

DoctorGrimm- 100 Atrox Doctor

Points of Interest: Not much, Froob, Using "Gravity" for a weapon

One of the guys I made to possibly replace any paid toons if I ever decide to cancel my paid account(s). He's slowly being levelled up as I get bored :). Just did a quick re-twinking on him to get on the Gravity. Not bad once you get it hitting faster. Kinda unique- was going 2he, but not many good options for that for non-Enf/Mp Froob. Plus 2hb has no implant conflict with BM in the waist like 2he has. Use him for casting SFA(with Mochams)/IC during twink projects. That's his actual look- no social on him.

Casstra- 60 Nanomage Metaphysicist

Points of Interest: Froob, Implants up to QL172 (not a typo :), Uses CDRs, Expensive Kevlar Vest of Professor Jones, Can self-cast Lesser Frenzy and Restite, haven't finalized IP yet- don't have a Mez pet :).


This is the setup I used for casting Odin's Missing Eye- for my own future reference- That enabled me to cast Odin's Eye without maxing out Psy Mod- (close but saved some IP).

Had this girl on hold for a long time. My craziest and most stressful twink to date. Wanted to make a level 60 Froob who could cast all the same pets as my paid Trox MP. Didn't want to sacrifice too much in personal damage though. Was ok with hotswapping something but didn't want to be running around with a pillow all the time :). This was my first twink after acquiring a pair of Chapman Treatment pistols. Implants kept going up. I originally planned to use The Blackshirt of Zuwadza, but I carelessly planned Odin's Missing Eye in some of my calculations for treatment. It was not as easy as a simple Mochams and Wrangle to get that cast. I almost decided not to bother for all the extra work it would take for 5 or so extra treatment. However, I found out that there was some question as to whether it was even possible, so I figured I had to try :). I then figured out that I could actually keep Jones' vest in my final setup by rearranging some things, and here we are...

A couple shots there to show Odin's Missing Eye cast and 821 Treatment. One shot without Neleb's Robe to see that look of mixed armor. Treatment was actually up to 825 at one point, but didn't have enough Agility to make use of it.

Walther2000- 74 Atrox Agent

Points of Interest: Froob, Imps up to QL190.

Made for fooling around in the Battlestation, likely dual-logged with someone else who isn't made yet :). Really pushed the edge on this one- definitely my highest implants on a Froob of this level. Lots of FP for various buffs- Bulk Trader, Odin's Missing Eye, Multi-Ranged Advy buff. Never used all that before- my first semi-high agent. All Mantis armor- Froob can't really compete with paid accounts, but got all the damage-adding stuff I could find. He's not really done yet. I need to get a Targeting Scope on him (using TiM scope now) and a higher QL Martial Arts suit. Also have 282000 IP to spend, not sure what to put it into- gumboils, runspeed, evades, higher nanos etc... :). His real look is the MA suit- the Shadowfade and tank for social..

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Pusywillow- 3 Solitus Adventurer

Points of Interest: Froob, QL41 Happy Days Pistol, Imps to QL74, Belt of Justice

Just a basic low level Adventurer to make use of a Happy Days Pistol. Started off dualling it with a BBI Faithful, but switched to a Joint Clans Scout. Would probably be better off redoing imps and going with a Baby Monster in the off hand. She can take most of the Subway down to, but not including Virgil :). Another of the toons I brought along for the blitzing of 80ish missions to get enough tokens for the Belt of Justice :).

Automattic- 2 Atrox Soldier

Points of Interest: Froob, Imps up to QL75, Neutrino Flash, Junkmetal Armor, Belt of Justice


An interesting twink. I first planned to make a low level soldier to test the theory that there are no good Full-Auto guns for Froobs. This guy was to be a testbed for a few Assault Rifle-type guns. I had a few BBI Gyros lying around and they do seem to generally suck. So, after trying a couple guns and confirming that there really aren't any good assault rifles at all- at low levels especially, I concluded that the Neutrino Flash would be the best gun. Simple to equip right? Get a AR Mastery, Riot Control and a wrangle for the rest... Turns out that takes a lot more ncu than the average lvl 2 soldier can get easily :). I did some number crunching and in order to fit the buffs, I'd need about 118 NCU. I was short and the only thing I could come up with was the Belt of Justice which would add enough extra. So, I switched to Clan for a bit, blitzed a bunch of missions while teamed up with some lvl 3's and got enough tokens to get the belt on. Still have an NCU wrist implant in the left wrist, afraid to take it out in case I have to re-equip the gun :). Gun is 50% self, but even at half effectiveness the stats on the gun are 25-80 damage which is pretty good for a Froob gun at this level. He can get it to 75% with AR Mastery and Riot Control- can hit 450 bursts with that :). With part of my mission blitzing team in the three-man-shot using the BBI Gyro.

ForgedSteel- 21 Atrox Doctor

Points of Interest: Froob, Fear-Forged Blades, Imps up to 108, This guy is the subject of a One-Day-Twink project. I wanted to make a half-decent twink capable of soloing Abmouth in one day from start to finish. I frapsed the whole job from noob island to finished twink and am planning to compress about 7 hours of game time into into a ten minute video. I have the video about half done. (Video is done now- link here)

Video link:


People occasionaly use "time" as a factor of how good they are. For example- if you beat someone in a duel, you sometimes hear "Well I only spent one day working on this guy- If I spent as much time as you did on yours- I'd be better than you." Aside from that being kind of a retarded thing to say, I wanted to see if you could make a useful twink in one day. As for the specific level of 21- I considered going lower and doing a 10-15 twink, but there is just a lot of stuff that takes longer to do at that level. At 21 you can use all the good stuff from the temple, plus it's not such a pain to get on stuff like the Crypt Collar. I figured I'd stay at 21, rather than level to 24, just to save some time. In hindsight, that would only have been a few minutes to crank out the extra levels, but 21 is decent. I was planning to go with the Nervejolters from SoM, but the Fear Forged Blades add 20 piercing skill each! (do the math on that- with +40 piercing total I think you could get these on a lvl 6 or 7 Froob Enf non-oe. Got one ready to try it- waiting for time/motivation :) So even with losing the waist piercing cluster to BioMet, my AR is still higher than it would be with 1he. (Neleb's new Battlerod would probably have been better, with the nano-pool it adds when you hit, but I wasn't aware of that at the time :). In the end- Keeper's Vitality dropped. I've never had it on any of my toons before in the past 4 years, so I figured I'd better take it, and I'm using that in my waist :).

MongoBaby- 60 Solitus Enforcer

Points of Interest: Froob, QL100 Howlet, Can self-cast Brutal Thug,

Built this girl mostly because I already have a couple of Panther twinks and wanted to see if I could do it with a Howlet- and since I didn't need Legchoppers on- to do it with something besides Atrox. I knew it would be very close to getting the Howlet on without Brutal Thug, or very close to casting Brutal Thug itself. In hindsight, a Nanomage would probably have been easier, but I already had this girl up at 60 :). With the upgraded Neleb's robe from the Steps of Madness and some Lya's Sangi glasses this put her over the edge to casting BT. Still needs to swap out one ring for an augmented OT ring for enough PsyMod, but she can cast it :). This gives 607 2hb, which gives a bit of margin for buffs running out and not relying on every point of trickledown to make up to 601. She can also self cast Mongo Bash, and uses gumboils- all damage no evades :).

Saturday, 22 November 2008

QuadDammage- 60 Atrox Bureaucrat

Points of Interest: Froob, CDR/Dark Pistol, Can cast Bureaucrat Minion with Mochs/Wrangle, Area Calms (with help :)


This guy's been sitting around for over 2 years at level 60 waiting for me to get inspired :). He was originally a Bow user, but switched to pistols when I made him up. I wanted to see if I could make a Froob twink who could cast area calms in the Temple. I ran some numbers and found that even with Mochams, this guy would need a bit of a wrangle to make up enough skill for Muddled Psyche. So, I made the next Trader to go along with this guy to cast low level wrangles as needed. It's not as annoying as that might sound. If I need to do an area calm, I have SassyTrade cast her 65 wrangle and then I have 3 minutes to calm anything. You can actually cover a lot of ground in 3 minutes and I think it's still faster to calm cultists than to kill them if there's a large group. Even with a couple lvl60 Panther twinks, it takes a few seconds to kill a mob of cultists. With this guy, you can calm the whole group and carry on- almost without stopping. With the Minion pet and pistols, he also does pretty good damage and if we're talking about one or two cultists, it is probably faster to just kill them rather than calm.

SassyTrade- 60 Solitus Trader

Points of Interest: Froob, Made for casting Wrangles in the Temple, Imps up to QL156, CDR/Uncle Bazzit Diplomatic, Mostly Mantis Armor


Made to cast wrangles on my 60 Crat so he can cast area calms in the temple. Really wanted to go Shotgun with her, but ended up with one CDR and one Uncle Bazzit Shotgun. Just couldn't go all the way :). She's actually pretty cool, using Nano Armor for looks with some high level Tank. This girl is also the fastest I have levelled to date. When I realized that I wouldn't be able to cast area calms with the Crat alone, I created this girl (and another new Nanomage engineer- you never level alone :)). I didn't really plan to but I ended up levelling them to 60 in one day. I started after lunch and was finished by about 2am- with breaks for supper and walking the dog :).